“I am dancing a dance of victory!” said Pastor Pierre Songsare at the 2007 dedication of the Vuté New Testament in Cameroon. “Now my people can enter into the kingdom of Jesus Christ because now we have a Bible we can understand.” 

Interest in individual and corporate worship has continued to grow throughout the Vuté community since the Vuté New Testament was first introduced. The Vuté Lectionary Series – a collection of designated Bible readings for each Sunday of the year – was completed in 2020, enhancing the worship experience. 

Now there is a demand for liturgies and worship songs in the Vuté language. The Department of Translation (DTA) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC) will oversee the translation of six Lutheran liturgies for distribution among Vuté churches and hold workshops for Vuté songwriters to learn how to compose songs in their language. The songs will be made available on micro-SD cards. 

“Properly translated Lutheran liturgies and Scripture songs composed by Vuté speakers are one of the most powerful tools to teach accurate doctrine and maintain a vibrant faith-life,” says Rev. Daniel Touka of the DTA. “Vuté lectionaries, liturgies and Scripture songs will provide greater access to God’s Word to Vuté  Christians, as well as the larger Vuté  community.”


Compose and distribute Vuté songbooks. 

Translate Lutheran liturgies for use in worship.


Faith grows as Vuté Christians worship in their own language. 

People from all walks of life have increased access to Scripture resources. 


Pray that the Vuté New Testament and recently published lectionaries will enhance worship.

Pray that several Lutheran liturgies will be translated into Vuté.

Pray for successful distribution of Vuté songbooks and that they will be well received.

Though the Vuté New Testament has been available since 2007, Vuté Christians lack many of the resources we utilize during our worship services. Liturgies and songs in the Vuté language will provide a deeper level of connection as people read, hear and sing about God. 

Vute Deeper Engagement

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