KissiLiteracy and Scripture Engagement

Strengthen communities built around audio Scripture. Fortify literacy training operations and add new classes for the community.

Scripture Engagement


  • Sierra Leone


  • West Africa

Language Population


Literacy offers a sense of pride

Esther Bundor had no opportunity for formal education. The expectation was to stay home and care for her family. She felt discouraged, even ashamed, at her lack of education. 

Then a Kissi literacy class started. Esther recognized the opportunity to receive the education she wanted, which would equip her to read the Bible in her own language, and she enrolled. “The Kissi literacy program has given me a sense of pride.” Esther now serves as secretary for the local women’s club and her church’s women’s organization. 

The primary goal of the Kissi program is to promote God’s Word through literacy, translation, training, and service to God and humans. Volunteer teachers and workers receive training through the program and address the needs of people like Esther. Literacy gives the capability to read the Word of God and claim it as their own.

Empowering Local Leaders

Your financial gifts and prayers help leaders in Sierra Leone to engage the Kissi language community in literacy education and Scripture engagement opportunities.

Program Goals

  1. Maintain six ongoing Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) centers, where local community members can listen to both radio and tapes while they are in their respective homes.
  2. To establish seven new FCBH listening centers.
  3. Conduct workshops for existing literacy classes and launch five new classes.

Kissi Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program Plan

Step 1

Promote literacy education among the Kissi.

Step 2

Maintain and launch literacy classes.

Step 3

Enable Scripture engagement through Faith Comes By Hearing centers.

Meet the Local Team

team members

Program manager
Desktop publisher
Finance officer
TISLL staff
Literacy Coordinator
Kissi literacy facilitators
Kissi literacy committee

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

A tonal language spoken in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Four tones: two register and two contour. 

Zero definite and indefinite articles. If an object needs to be described (because there are more than one) they would use the equivalent of the word this.

Program Progress

  • 10 established literacy classes have been maintained.
  • Teachers were trained to start up new literacy classes.
  • Work continues on the new literacy office.

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