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Have you ever thought about being a missionary? Emily Wilson, Mission Mobilization Coordinator for Lutheran Bible Translators, talks to people about this topic all the time.  Join Emily and host, Rev. Rich Rudowske to discuss internships, the Scriptural foundation for missions, and so much more!

How do you deal with change?  Everyone experiences trauma—to different degrees. Join Ali Federwitz, Member Care Coordinator for Lutheran Bible Translators, and host, Rev. Rich Rudowske to discuss transitions, reasonable expectations, communication, and so much more!

Podcast Notes


Join host Rev. Rich Rudowske and guest, Jim Laesch, Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) Regional Director as they discuss the historical work of Bible translation. Jim will also share about work happening in southern and east Africa, offering a variety of stories from more than 46 years of experience.


In our inaugural episode, we interview Lutheran Bible Translators CEO, Dr. Mike Rodewald. We take a look at what mission was like then and now.