Transforming Lives
Through Bible Translation

Equip local leaders around the world with the tools they need to translate the Bible into the language they understand best.

Empower Local Leaders

Partner with an active Bible translation or engagement program and increase access to the transformative Word of God.

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Make an Impact in three WAYS

Build Capacity

Expand the global translation effort by funding local infrastructure, training, materials, and technology.

Deepen Scripture Engagement

Support literacy classes, multimedia resources, and language development programs that lead to Scripture engagement.

DRIVE Bible Translation FORWARD

Your prayers and gifts fuel Bible translation and bring hope, life, and transformation to every language.

Featured Campaign

More Than Words

We believe the Bible is more than text on a page—it’s a guiding light for people all over the world. The More Than Words campaign significantly expands the impact of the ministry. From translator training and technology to literacy classes, this campaign empowers local leaders to foster spiritual and social development in their communities.


91.99% raised

$43,900,000 goal

The Impact of Partnership

God's Word brings hope, life, and transformation. Partnerships ensure that every community can experience the Bible in their own language.

Years of Experience

Building relationships, sharing Scripture, and supporting spiritual growth.

Missionary Partners

Passionate people with expertise in linguistics, culture, and community engagement.


Equip each with tools to deepen the community's understanding of Scripture.

Language Communities

48 New Testaments and full Bibles published now impact 15 million people.

Join the Movement

You can expand the reach and impact of Lutheran Bible Translators.

Hope, Life, and

Over 3,500 communities are waiting for the Word of God in the language they understand best. Join the mission and equip local leaders for translation.

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Sign up to partner with mission-minded leaders and their language communities in daily prayer.