You can strengthen the ministry of local leaders, advisors, and consultants through scholarships for deeper educational opportunities.

Capacity Building


  • Worldwide

The next Wave of Bible translators is coming

Many Lutheran Bible Translators’ partner institutions train individuals in linguistics, Biblical languages, and translation studies. Local language speakers train for ministry while staying in their home country or a nearby region. Graduates of these institutions serve in translation and literacy programs in their area.

Trained local personnel produce higher quality work in a shorter amount of time. These workers translate God’s Word in a clear and culturally appropriate manner because of their familiarity with the language and culture.

Students interested in Bible translation need your prayers and financial support.


Scholarship recipients are vital to the advancement of Bible translation. Your gifts and prayers enable students to pursue the formal training needed to effectively organize and lead translation and literacy programs in the language(s) they understand best.

Program Goals

  1. Promote local participation and ownership oft language programs.
  2. Provide higher education to qualified candidates.

Scholarship Fund Approach

Step 1

Assess the educational needs of local leaders.

Step 2

Create an educational pathway for deeper knowledge.

Step 3

Equip leaders with education to accelerate the Bible translation movement.

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

Local advisors and consultants bring a passion and energy for translation.

  • Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha is studying for a Ph.D. in Narrative Discourse Analysis at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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