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Each month, the calendar highlights specific programs, communities, missionaries, and steps in the Bible translation process, guiding your intentions towards the areas that need them the most.


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See examples of the kinds of prayers you’ll find in our calendar, and unite with us in lifting up these intentions.

  • Pray interest in literacy continues to grow and the team will be able to answer the need for classes and materials.
  • Pray the translation team will stay focused and committed in the face of external challenges.
  • Pray the local communities will fully support the translation work.

April Focal Point

On Sunday, February 11, 2024 we celebrated the Konso Bible Dedication. After 19 years of dedicated translation work, the full Bible has been translated. Lutheran Bible Translators was honored to partner with the Konso translation team.  

“Whenever people get the…Bible translated into their own heart language, they really become part of peace building. They become part of conflict resolution. So for us as a country, this is a great achievement.” – Getachew Geleb Guyo, President, EECMY Central Riff Valley Synod. 

We pray that the Word of God, now translated into the Konso language, will begin its transformative work in hearts and minds both now and for generations to come, and we keep in prayer the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, their ministry, and mission. 

See the Konso Bible Dedication video at

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