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Each month, the calendar highlights specific programs, communities, missionaries, and steps in the Bible translation process, guiding your intentions towards the areas that need them the most.


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  • Pray interest in literacy continues to grow and the team will be able to answer the need for classes and materials.
  • Pray the translation team will stay focused and committed in the face of external challenges.
  • Pray the local communities will fully support the translation work.
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june Focal Point

Elijah, the Project Coordinator for the Komba Bible Translation team, has faced significant challenges during the past few months. In October, he fell seriously ill with multiple ailments, leading to prolonged bedrest and persistent back pain. Then in early February, he was involved in a serious car accident. Thankfully, everyone involved walked away without injury.

His community in Namongbanl has been devastated by recent floods, resulting in significant property and resource losses, including the destruction of the local Lutheran church building. The community is now entering the “hunger season,” a period marked by food scarcity, which is expected to be particularly severe this year due to the impact of the floods on their harvest.

Despite these hardships, the Lutheran Christians, with Elijah as a key motivator, are rallying together to rebuild their church. Please keep Elijah in your prayers, particularly for his health and that God would uplift his spirit. Pray for the Komba language community as they prepare for the upcoming Bible dedication, that the Lord would provide for their every need, strengthen them, and support them.

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