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Meet the missionaries

Lutheran Bible Translators’ missionaries are educated, experienced professionals. Many have extensive expertise in Bible translation, linguistics, Biblical languages, minority languages and culture, Scripture engagement, ethnomusicology and community engagement.

Get to know our missionaries and see how you can support the communities they serve. 

  • Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha

    Serving Nigeria

    Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha

  • Serving Botswana and Sierra Leone

    Rev. Dr. Tim & Lisa Beckendorf

  • Serving Papua New Guinea

    Dr. Danny & Becca DeLoach

  • Serving Worldwide

    Serena Derricks

  • Serving Ghana

    Michael & Naomi Ersland

  • Serving Worldwide

    Rev. Dr. Nathan & Sarah Esala

  • Serving Worldwide

    Alvina Federwitz

  • Serving Worldwide

    Rev. David & Valerie Federwitz

  • Serving Worldwide

    Jonathan & Carrie Federwitz

  • Prefield Missionary

    Nathan & Sarah Federwitz

  • Serving Worldwide

    Paul & Ali Federwitz

  • Serving Sierra Leone

    Amy Formella

  • Serving Papua New Guinea

    Michelle Gillard

  • Serving Ethiopia

    Deanne Gochanour

  • Serving Liberia and Sierra Leone

    Dr. Becky Grossmann

  • Serving Madagascar

    Joel Juedes

  • The Grulke Family picture

    Serving Botswana

    Rev. Carl and Kelsey Grulke

  • Serving Middle East

    Rob Hilbert

  • Serving Ethiopia & Sierra Leone

    Dr. Jim and Susan Kaiser

  • Serving Cameroon

    Rev. Mike and Kara Kuhn

  • Serving Liberia & Tanzania

    Jim Laesch

  • Serving Tanzania

    Rev. Dr. Michael and Jo Ann Megahan

  • Serving Nigeria

    Rev. Linus Otronyi

  • Serving Ethiopia

    Dr. Chris and Janine Pluger

  • Prefield Missionaries

    Rev. Tim and Deac. Erin Schulte

  • Serving Worldwide

    Marshall and Vanice Schultz

  • Serving Worldwide

    Jon and Carol Shaneyfelt

  • Serving Tanzania

    Tiffany Smith

  • Serving Nigeria

    Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro

  • Serving Worldwide

    Rob and Eshinee Veith

  • Serving Tanzania

    Ruthie Wagner

  • Serving Cameroon

    Martin and Joan Weber

Can’t find the missionary you’re looking for?

For security reasons, some of Lutheran Bible Translators’ missionaries are unable to post about their ministry publicly. Call 660-225-0810 and ask to speak with Gift Records for more information.

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