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Michael & Naomi Ersland

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Michael and Naomi Ersland have served in Ghana with the Komba Old Testament translation project since 2016. Michael works as a translation advisor for the project.

He works with a brilliant team of translators and an office manager. Both Michael and Naomi appreciate learning from the local church as God’s Word is used to celebrate life’s joys and mourn life’s sorrows. The Word becomes alive and active from new perspectives as language, culture, and faith interweave into a local fabric. Please pray for the Komba people, as the Komba Bible is reaching completion.

From the Field

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    Mar 2024

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    Nov 2023

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    July 2023

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    Christmas with Lutheran Bible Translators

Program Partnerships

See the programs that Michael and Naomi Ersland have helped support, bringing God’s Word to communities who have not had access to the Bible in their native language.


  • Komba Old Testament Translation

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