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Your support has led to the completion of the Komba full Bible! To deepen the community’s engagement with Scripture, your gift will fund Scripture engagement workshops and 35+ literacy classes.

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  • West Africa

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The Full Bible will be transformative

Traditional religious beliefs greatly influenced the Komba people of northern Ghana until the completion of the Komba New Testament in 2014. The New Testament has reached families, churches, and communities through written and audio formats and a Scripture app. Young and old come together in villages and on farms to learn more about God, looking to Scripture for guidance to resolve issues and uncertainties.

It was a challenge to have all four team members together at the same time for checking or proofreading. Often, the team would go into “workshop style” working, sequestering themselves for 3-4 days and working up to 13 hours daily. Thankfully, the team did not always need this work style.

Church leaders look forward to the dedication of the Komba Bible. A full Bible will help the Komba understand the fullness of God’s plan, from Creation to Jesus Christ’s return.

Empower Local Leaders

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they understand best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Ghana to translate the Bible into the Komba language.

You are a partner in this effort with the Komba community. Every year during the harvest, Komba chiefs and community members make contributions to support the program. During this time, they even call on government officials to turn out and support the program.

Program Goals

  1. Open literacy classes to the community members and churches with facilitators and supervisors.
  2. Host Scripture engagement workshops to encourage Bible reading and evangelism.
  3. Dedicate the Komba Old Testament.

Komba Old Testament Translation Program Plan

Step 1

Host the dedication of the full Komba Bible.

Step 2

Raise up literacy class facilitators and supervisors.

Step 3

See Scripture bring Hope, Life, and Transformation to the Komba.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Located primarily in northeast Ghana, the Komba language crosses over into Togo.

The Komba language community consists of subsistence farming.

Program Progress

  • Translation work is complete on the Komba Old Testament.
  • Preparations for the Komba Old Testament Dedication have begun.

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