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Serena Derricks joined Lutheran Bible Translators in 2016 as a literacy coordinator in Cameroon, Central Africa. During her time in Cameroon, she worked alongside the language group to develop an alphabet chart, write curriculum for adult education classes, and begin literacy classes within the community that continue today.

Before serving with Lutheran Bible Translators, Serena was a missionary with LCMS World Mission in Asia for six years as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher.

Serena now lives in the United States. Serena began serving part-time as a Regional Director Assistant in the Spring of 2023 while working full-time as a foreign language teacher in Forsyth, Montana, where she resides with her three children.

Beginning in 2024, Serena serves as Lutheran Bible Translators’ Education and Literacy Specialist. This position brings together her years of experience in EFL, English teaching, linguistics, and literacy work. Serena works part-time, utilizing teleconferencing to serve teams around the world. Serena will coach, equip, and train key members in Lutheran Bible Translators’ programs, casting vision and implementing literacy and education programs in the language they understand best.

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