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Jim Laesch

Meet the Missionary

Jim Laesch retired from Lutheran Bible Translators in 2021 after 48 years of full-time service in multiple roles in the Bible translation mission.

“One of highlights of my work in Lutheran Bible Translators was the privilege to live among the Northern Grebo people in southeastern Liberia, Africa. They showed me much patience as I learned from them, their customs and language. Bonds of friendship were formed as we learned from each other in knowledge, respect and faith through the years. The current New Testament needs revision and printing. The other four Grebo groups have no New Testament nor reading materials.”

Currently, Lutheran Bible Translators is working with partners in Liberia for the expansion of Bible work so that every language has God’s Word in the language they understand best. Because of Jim’s long term experience and knowledge among the Grebo, he consults and contributes in technical and practical ways so the Message of Christ will be available to all of the Grebo languages.

Jim and his wife Laura reside in rural Illinois and are members of Cross Lutheran Church, Yorkville, IL.

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