ThemneLiteracy and Scripture Engagement

Empower the Themne-speaking community to engage with God’s Word through literacy education.

Scripture Engagement


  • Sierra Leone


  • West Africa

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Themne Literacy Education is in demand

The Themne New Testament has been available for years, but low literacy rates keep it from being used. The Bible in Themne will not have a powerful effect without people reading and preaching from it.

Over 30 literacy classes were created and have had a definite impact. Seeing others read and write led to an increased interest in learning among the Themne and a desire to read the Bible in their language.

The Themne Literacy Committee will expand the number of classes and availability of Scripture materials. People will interact better with the Bible and understand it. Lay preachers will be able to use the Themne New Testament and future Old Testament. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, people will understand God’s love for them and come to faith.

Empower Local Leaders To Expand Classes

We believe that every community should have the opportunity to read the Bible in the language they understand best. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Sierra Leone to facilitate literacy education among the Themne-speaking community, increasing their appreciation of Themne and equipping them to engage with God’s Word.

Program Goals

  1. Establish and develop five new literacy classes in Makeni and five new classes in Magburaka.
  2. Promote Scripture engagement programs.
  3. Develop and print teaching learning materials.

Themne Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program Plan

Step 1

Support current literacy class facilitators and students.

Step 2

Establish and develop five new literacy classes in two locations.

Step 3

Develop and print literacy learning materials.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Themne is a primary language of central Sierra Leone.

A tonal language, with four tones. Tonal words have different meanings based on inflection.

11 dialects include Banta, Konike, Yoni, Bombali, Western Temne (Pil), Sanda, Ribia, Kholifa, Koya, Masingbi, Malal

Program Progress

A special one-day children’s ministry program brought together 50 children from two churches in Makeni at their community school hall. The children and their teachers discussed their experiences in church kid’s groups and enjoyed a quiz in Themne language about Bible basics.

In the first quarter of 2023, leaders visited five Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) groups, revealing varying meeting frequencies. Monthly visits helped maintain group activity and attract new members to local churches. The program ramped up faster in Magburaka than in Makeni, prompting more frequent visits to Makeni in 2023. These activities contribute to the program’s progress, and continued strength and support are hoped for.

From July to September 2023, leaders visited four more FCBH groups, revealing an increase in church attendance. The positive outcomes and program sustainability are greatly appreciated.

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