DTA EELCDepartment of Bible Translation and Literacy

Pray for and support DTA EELC as they edit liturgies, dub the JESUS film, and train translators to enrich Cameroonian worship with native tongues.

Capacity Building


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  • West Africa

Language Population


Demand outweighS capacity

The Department of Bible Translation and Literacy (DTA) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon (EELC) coordinates communications for Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement programs. DTA staff evaluates each program’s budget, assesses financial activities, and evaluates and responds to local needs of language offices.

Current funding does not meet the demand for services. Additional training is needed for assisting projects and distributing translated Scripture. Phone apps and audio Scripture players will reach even more people. 

The work of the DTA is vital if the people of Cameroon are to grow in knowledge of their Savior. The Scripture materials produced today will continue to be available for the benefit and education of generations to come.

Empower The DTA EELC To meet Cameroon’s Scripture NeedS

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip the leadership of the DTA EELC to coordinate communications for Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement programs. You ensure the organization is properly staffed to meet the varied needs in Cameroon.

Program Goals

  1. Edit the liturgy in five languages.
  2. Identify languages in need, train the translators of each language, collect community data, and organize the liturgies.
  3. Dub the JESUS film: identify desired languages, find the actors, and record the actors’ voices.
  4. Provide I-Delta training for the Director of the DTA: SIL training program for translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement domains.

dta EELC Program Plan

Step 1

Evaluate each program’s needs and budget.

Step 2

Assess financial activities of in-country programs.

Step 3

Evaluate and respond to local literature centers’ needs.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language


literacy rate in Cameroon


established languages in Cameroon


total population of Cameroon

Program Progress

  • DTA EELC Administration has traveled to various centers to see progress and make connections within the different programs.
  • DTA EELC Administration ensures that internet and telephone credit is up-to-date to allow communication with partners, the local church, and the Literature Centers.

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