KaraBible Translation

Equip ministry entrepreneurs on Ukara Island, Tanzania, with resources and training needed to bring God’s Word to the Kara speakers.

Bible Translation


  • Tanzania


  • East Africa

Language Population


Reaching Island Communities requires travel & Training

The Kara-speaking people of Ukara Island are fishermen of Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania. The island is far from government resources. The residents crave the light of hope and desire to see the community thrive. Pastors connecting with them have found it difficult to share God’s Word using other language translations. 

The initial plan is for the Kara translation team to travel to Ukerewe Island to receive coaching and support from the Kerewe team. This is exciting! When former translation team members, like the Kerewe team, become trainers, communities unite and regional capacity increases. The Kerewe team is excited to help the Kara team gain the skills needed for translation.

Empower Local Leaders

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Tanzania to translate the Bible into the Kara language.

Pray for the completion of a two-person guesthouse that can serve in three ways: lodging for trainers, a larger meeting area, and rental space to generate income.

Program Goals

  1. Capacity building for staff: computer training and English training.
  2. Training with the Kerewe Bible translation team, which requires ferry travel to Ukerewe Island.
  3. Buying office furniture to furnish a meeting space for translators: chairs, tables, connectors, stationary, trays, visitor’s books, and curtains.

Kara Bible Translation Program Plan

Step 1

Travel to Ukerewe Island to train with a neighboring translation team.

Step 2

Build a two-person guesthouse to provide lodging needed for ongoing training.

Step 3

Begin drafting portions of Scripture.

Meet the Local Team

Team Members

Official Partner:
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

Program manager (Assistant Bishop Lema)

Coordinator (Rev. Domisian Alloys)

Three translators

One back translator

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Kara is a Bantu language of Tanzania.

Kara is spoken primarily within the eight villages of Ukara Island in Lake Victoria. 

Jita–Kara–Kwaya are close to being dialects.

Program Progress

  • Translators have been selected for the project.
  • Introduction to translation workshop completed with all team members.

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