New MissionaryTraining Fund

Equip missionaries with training to meet the needs of language communities around the world.

Capacity Building


  • Worldwide

New Missionaries Need dedicated training

Bible translation missionaries require training in methods that help them analyze the unique structure of each language. They must also discern how the cultures and traditions prevalent in a language community affect thoughts and actions.

A Bible translation must use clear, natural, and accurate language to convey God’s Word to people unfamiliar with key concepts and themes found in Scripture. Being sensitive and respectful of the beliefs and customs of the host culture results in Biblically accurate translations that are meaningful and well-used.

Equip Missionaries for the field

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers prepare new missionaries with the training they need to meet the needs of field programs.

Program Goals

  1. Provide quality education for missionaries serving in Bible translation and language programs.
  2. Have enough trained personnel to meet the need for Bible translation around the world.

New Missionary Training Fund Approach

Step 1

Equip missionaries with professional training.

Step 2

Provide practical training, as well as risk and safety education.

Step 3

Instruct on partnership development (communicating with ministry partners, public speaking, etc.).

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

New missionaries require training that is unique to the Bible translation field.

  • Potential missionaries attended Concordia Mission Institute as Mission Explorers.
  • Rev. Tim and Erin Schulte complete training and partnership development.
  • Nathan and Sarah Federwitz equipped to launch into JAARS pilot training.

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