DTA EELCTranslation Consultant Training

The grant builds capacity in Cameroon by developing the skills and expertise of a local Bible translation consultant.

Capacity Building


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  • West Africa

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translation programs are complex

Rev. Abou Touka Daniel is the translation consultant in training for The Department of Translation and Literacy (DTA). Once fully trained, Touka will work directly with DTA translation projects – there 11 current translation programs. This grant provides the final parts of the training and mentorship, which equips him to start consultant checking in three projects in (Dii, Subula, and Dowayo). 

This grant covers travel for the remainder of the training/mentorship process, as well as travel for consultant checking sessions.

The DTA works with the following Cameroonian languages: Dii, Dowayo, Subula North, Subula South, Gbaya, Nizaa, Samba, Pere, Vute, Tikar, Membila, Voko, Kwanja, Giziga, Kompana, Mbum, Karang, and Pana.

equip a local consultant with training

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they understand best. Your financial gifts and prayers enable us to offer advanced training for leaders in Cameroon as they seek to bring God’s Word to language communities.

Program Goals

  1. Bible translation consultant capacity building – to work with the UBS Bible consultant mentor to increase competences.
  2. Bible translation consultant checking for Subula*, Dii, and Dowayo.
  3. Organize a translation principles workshop to increase translators competencies development – this will be for 12 translators during one week in Ngaoundere.

DTA EELC – Translation Consultant Training Plan

Step 1

Support the ongoing needs of translators and consultants.

Step 2

Provide skill-building workshops and mentorship for growth.

Step 3

Expand the impact of Bible translation and literacy centers throughout Cameroon.

Meet the Local Team

Rev. Bakari Boukar – Director of DTA

Rev. Abou Touka Daniel – Translation Consultant – In Training

Program also consists of at least 21 translators for seven translation projects and more than 100 revisers.

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language


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total population of Cameroon

Program Progress

Training consultants in Cameroon expands the capacity for local leadership on programs.

  • Rev. Abou Touka Daniel will continue with the final part of his training for the first two quarters of 2024.
  • By quarter three, he should be prepared to be a consultant on his own.

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