The Institute forSierra Leonean Languages (TISLL)

TISLL promotes the teaching of indigenous languages to religious institutions, schools, and communities. Literacy rates in the country increased directly due to classes offered.

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the Growing Demand for Literacy in sierra Leone

The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL) has been promoting the teaching of indigenous languages to religious institutions, schools, and communities since 1974. Literacy rates in Sierra Leone increased due to the classes offered by TISLL.

There is an increasing desire to gain literacy skills by a growing number of people who want to read Scripture in their own languages. TISLL is challenged to provide technical and professional services in support of the many churches and multiple language programs serving these communities.

Adequate funding will allow TISLL to increase the reach and impact of literacy programs. People will grow in their faith as they gain skills to read God’s Word in a language they understand.

Empowering Local Leaders to Address it

Your financial gifts and prayers enable us to support leaders and organizations like The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages as they raise awareness and engagement with the languages of their people.

Program Goals

  1. Travel to supervise the ongoing literacy and Scripture engagement programs in eight language projects.
  2. Conduct in-service training for staff and literacy coordinators.

TISLL’s Program Plan

Step 1

Supervise current literacy and Scripture engagement program.

Step 2

Increase language support for indigenous people groups.

Step 3

Impact the future through increasing literacy rates each generation.

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Honoring the Language

24 established languages

19 are indigenous, five are non-indigenous

Limba, Mende, and Themne are considered the three Provincial languages

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