KurankoLiteracy and Scripture Engagement

Demand has grown past volunteer capacity and led to the program reopening. Your gifts fund teacher training and new literacy class launches.

Scripture Engagement


  • Sierra Leone


  • West Africa

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Literacy Workshops & Listening Groups Thrive with Trained Facilitators

The Kuranko Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program began in 2000. Many learned to read, some began Bible translation work, and others volunteered in Scripture engagement. But after five years, funding ran out. Five communities volunteered their service to continue literacy classes. They involved The Institute of Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL), sending progress reports and inviting them to learner assessments and graduation ceremonies. 

These five communities kept operations running for 18 years after the end of grant funding, but church and community requests for literacy programs are growing and volunteers can no longer keep up.

Equip Kuranko Leaders With Training

Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Sierra Leone to bring God’s Word to the Kuranko community of West Africa.

The Kuranko speakers are persistent in their hope! Reopening this program with the support of Lutheran Bible Translators and supporters like you will provide financial stability. Resources will allow more people to interact with Scripture in the language they understand best.

Program Goals

  1. Conduct Pre-Primer teacher training workshop with 18 participants for nine new literacy classes.
  2. Conduct Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) training workshops for group leaders to learn how to facilitate the following: Bible reading groups, FCBH listening programs, and Scripture song composition workshops.
  3. Celebrate International Mother Tongue Day and International Literacy Day to showcase the significance of local languages.

Kuranko Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program Plan

Step 1

Engage the community through literacy workshops.

Step 2

Train group leaders to lead Bible reading and listening groups.

Step 3

Celebrate local languages and literacy with the community.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

The Kuranko, also known as the Koranko, are a branch of the Malinke tribe that immigrated into Sierra Leone from Guinea.

Kuranko is a Mande language spoken in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

It belongs to the Niger-Congo language family.

Program Progress

Eleven Literacy Classes  launched for Kuranko learners. A total of 12 facilitators assist in the education. 135 students are currently enrolled.

Translated materials have been produced for the children’s ministry to train young learners how to read the Bible. 

Early on in the year, a Literacy Coordinator was appointed, who will supervise and monitor the activities of the Kuranko Literacy Program. He then identified communities and churches to engage in literacy and Scripture engagement.

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