YalaLanguage Development and Bible Translation

With a revised Yala New Testament, the program team works to promote its use. The team has its eyes set on bringing the Old Testament to its people.

Bible Translation


  • Nigeria


  • West Africa

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Yala desire the full Bible

The revised Yala New Testament with Psalms is available, and the team continues translating the Old Testament. Literacy classes and Scripture engagement programs provide tools needed to engage with Scripture, understand it better, and apply it.

Congregations often hear “on the fly” translations from English to Yala during services for the untranslated sections. It may be meaningless to those listening if the translation is too literal. A full translation ensures the Old Testament will be clear, natural, and accurate.

Literacy classes give confidence to lay leaders to read the New Testament in Yala. Scripture and worship are becoming easier to understand.

Empower Local Leaders to Spread the Word

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they understand best. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Nigeria to translate the Bible into the Yala language.

Program Goals

  1. Complete the first draft of Ezekiel.
  2. Complete community review of first five books of the Old Testament.
  3. Promote the use of Yala Scripture: distribute the Yala New Testament with Psalms, share Yala Scripture on SD card and apps, and sustain the 10 Scripture listening and reading groups.

YALA Program Plan

Step 1

Continue drafting books of the Old Testament.

Step 2

Team check and consultant check drafted books.

Step 3

Finalize and publish a full Yala Bible for distribution.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

An Idomoid language of Ogoja, Nigeria. Dialects include Ikom, Obubra, and Ogoja.

Originates from the Yala Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Program Progress

The completed Gospel of Mark has been printed and distributed. Churches continue to request for bulk copies to distribute during their evangelism activities. An energized project advisory committee continues to encourage Scripture use in church and community life.

  • A trial edition of Genesis is typeset and reviewed.
  • Drafting completed for Leviticus and Ecclesiastes.
  • The team is working to reach checking phases for the drafted books.

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