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Help the Sumbwa-speaking community to bring the full Word of God into their homes and into the hearts of their families.

Bible Translation


  • Tanzania


  • East Africa

Language Population


Training & Equipment are needed in Tanzania

The Sumbwa speakers of central Tanzania have a deep connection to their language. They speak it in their homes and to their children, encouraging the next generation to carry on this piece of their heritage. 

The East of Lake Victoria Diocese, part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, wants to share Jesus with Sumbwa-speaking people. The leaders understand the need for Sumbwa Scripture and devotional materials for families to use at home. 

Your support sends local leaders through a translator training program that meets several times a year over the course of several years. Equipment like a high-capacity laser printer will enable the team to print devotional materials as they go for families to use immediately. This approach will build community support for the remaining work.

Equip Local Leaders for Translation

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they understand best. Your financial gifts and prayers help leaders in Tanzania accelerate translation of the Bible into the Sumbwa language.

Program Goals

  1. Build capacity for staff—translation, computer, and English training will accelerate the program’s implementation.
  2. Enhance and strengthen relationships with the community.
  3. Purchase office equipment and furniture.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

  • Selection of the translation team has been made.
  • Workshop held at Nyakato Bible College to provide in-depth training on translation-related topics.

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