InternationalDevelopment Fund

Enrich and equip global Scripture work—establishing and further developing hubs for Bible translation and Gospel expansion.

Capacity Building


  • Worldwide


  • Worldwide

Sustainability builds through Infrastructure

Investment in local partners and their physical infrastructure is crucial if a language community is to carry out the vital efforts of translation and literacy. These are more than buildings. They are mission outposts from which qualified and trained church leaders, evangelists, teachers, and leaders can be deployed. These local people, prepared for the task, can share God’s Word in their heart languages and deepen engagement with Scripture for the church and community.

Development and improvement of infrastructure in Southeast Asia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Tanzania over the next several years will strengthen Bible translation and Gospel proclamation.

Equip Local Leaders for Longevity

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders worldwide with infrastructure support, building capacity for language communities to drive translation forward and deepen Scripture engagement.

Program Goals

  1. Provide secure premises where partners can meet, learn, and create Bible-based materials.
  2. Ensure that the Gospel continues to spread into the future.

International Development Fund APproach

Step 1

Evaluate country and program-specific needs.

Step 2

Develop plan to expand program infrastructure support.

Step 3

Ensure longevity and sustainability for translation and Scripture engagement.

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

Development infrastructure in language communities helps ensure sustainability for current and future programs.

  • The Helge Center for Scripture Engagement in Ethiopia was established.
  • The LIBTRALO building in Liberia was established.
  • The guest house for the Kerewe program was established.

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