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The Yekora New Testament project lay idle for years. Now, a group of young people is determined to finish the task. The team needs your support as they travel long distances for training and translation time.

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  • Papua New Guinea


  • South Pacific

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The Yekora Program Requires Training & Travel

For years, the Yekora New Testament project lay idle. Recently, a group of young people decided to pick up and finish the task. The group has received preliminary translation training; however, it can take years to be fully equipped.

Access to training is a challenge. While we explore long-term solutions to bring training to the remote communities, the trainees must navigate mountains, forests, and an ocean to reach these meetings. Traveling by boat, for example, is an expensive necessity.

Your support of the Yekora project carries translators across long distances from remote locations to get training and participate in checking sessions with consultants. The group intends to publish the Gospels and Genesis by 2025! The JESUS film will be translated after the Gospels are completed.

Equip Local Leaders for the Task

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they understand best. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible into the Yekora language.

Program Goals

  1. Complete basic Exegesis course at Ukarumpa.
  2. Consultant check all four Gospel books.
  3. Continue drafting the New Testament.

Yekora New Testament Translation Plan

Step 1

Frequently gather, train, and work as a translation team.

Step 2

Translate the four Gospels.

Step 3

Review drafts as a team and move each to the next checking stages.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Yekora is a Papuan language spoken in the Morobe Province.

Yekora only allows for open syllables and does not allow final consonant-vowel-consonant syllables.

Yekora is reconstructed as part of the Greater Binanderean languages.

Program Progress

  • Paratext and Rev79 training has been completed. Training is ongoing with the team.
  • The four Gospels have now been drafted and the team is working on reviewing the work as a team.

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