Pray for *Shi Believers

Thank you, Lord, for your steadfast love that gives hope to our brothers and sisters in the NOLA Scripture Engagement program, especially those in the *Shi and *Khon language communities.  

Thank you, Father, for the overflowing joy of the Khon who now desire to walk alongside the Shi oral Bible story team to help develop a panorama of stories from the Old Testament.  

We pray for the linguistic analysis of the Shi language as a writing system develops. We pray for open doors to work with local Shi leaders.  

We pray for You to increase the confidence of our Shi brothers and sisters, as they tell oral Bible stories to friends and family and lead discussions based on these stories.   

We praise you for the Khon’s desire to bring Your Word to their neighbors, the Shi. We pray for perseverance in the engagement and translation work ahead. 

Papua New Guinea

Pray the Lord will raise up men and women like Pastor Zumunu – to be passionate ministry entrepreneurs to help the Waria community and the entire Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG embrace Bible translation.


Pray that translated materials will reach all the groups in the Ale, Dhirayta, Hamer, Konso, Tsa’makko, and Zayse language communities.


Praise God for the excitement during the community checking of the Gospel of John in the Wayeyi translation.


Pray for barriers to be overcome so that Assyrian Christians in the Middle East and the diaspora in the United States can connect with God’s Word. 

*Pseudonym used due to a sensitive situation