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Next Verse Same as the First

“My name is Zangapse Jeremiah. I was a thief. When people weren’t home, I would come and take away their honey, peanuts, even goats. Several times, people have brought me before the village chief, but I denied the accusations even though it really was me.” You don’t...

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God’s Egg, Voice, or Stone?

Did you ever play telephone? The first person whispers a phrase or story to a second person who then whispers it to a third person and so on. The fun part comes when the last person to hear the story repeats it for all to hear. Almost inevitably, what the last person...

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Not Your Typical Dinner

Since 1997, the Concordia universities have gathered together annually for the Beautiful Feet Conference, its name inspired by Romans 10:15. Each year, mission-minded college students and faculty travel to one of the Concordia schools to be challenged: “How do we live...

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Impatient for God’s Word

“He wanted the Bible in his mother tongue so badly he tried to start the translation himself,” said Paul Federwitz, IT Coordinator for Lutheran Bible Translators. “He soon realized he did not have the necessary knowledge and training.” Paul was referring to one of the...

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May 2019

Pray for the students at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria who are writing their end-of-year exams to have clear thinking and wisdom in future planning. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all involved as Jim Kaiser (Ethiopia) checks 1-2 Thessalonians with the...

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The Book of God’s Good Message

“This book has been a long time in coming,” said Becky Grossmann. “But we rejoice that the Gola New Testament has been typeset and is undergoing last revisions before printing.” About 182,000 people in western Liberia and Sierra Leone speak the Gola language. Lutheran...

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