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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

“One of the most enlightening classes we’ve taken was Second Language and Culture Acquisition,” says new missionary Andrew Olson. “We learned how to set up a plan to learn a language from scratch, even if no books or language learning tools exist. These methods should...

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March 2019

Pray for grace and spiritual refreshing as Lisa Beckendorf serves the Lord in Botswana. Pray for Levi Federwitz (Ghana) to develop his skills in soccer and for creativity in robotics. Pray that LIBTRALO's new building will be a blessing for literacy and Bible...

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February 2019

Pray for the marriages of LBT missionaries - the stressors of cross-cultural living and frequent travels often add strain to these relationships. Pray for peace in the region so the Yala team (Nigeria) can proceed with consultant checking now and again in mid-March....

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