God’s Faithfulness Through The More Than Words Campaign

Leading into 2019, God guided the leadership at Lutheran Bible Translators to step out in faith to start a five-year More Than Words campaign and extend the goal beyond our comprehension (and current capacity). Large goals were set, such as doubling the number of active language communities from 72 to 144. To date, the ministry now serves 132 language communities! Your prayers and support continue to grow the impact areas of capacity building, deepening engagement, and driving translation forward. 


Capacity Building: Equipping local leaders with resources and tools 

The Helge Center for Scripture Engagement continues to show God’s hand in Ethiopia as translation consultants engage in meaningful discussions with current Bible translation students.  


Deepening Engagement: Removing barriers to accessing the Gospel 

Literacy classes in Liberia teach members of the language communities to read and write in their language so they can read the Bible for themselves. 


Bible Translation: The critical aspect of this movement 

The Dhirayta New Testament is printed and will be delivered to the language community in Ethiopia.