Press Release: December 20, 2023

Field Notes: Messenger (December 2023)

News and Events Impacting The Bible Translation Movement

Mobile Bookstore 

“[The Bible Society of Sierra Leone] can get their bookstore into marketplaces…even elementary school campuses…they can get Scripture into the hands of kids at a faster rate,” shared the Regional Director of West Africa about the success of mobile bookstores, which led to the purchase of a third vehicle. 

Putting a Bible in the Museum of the Bible 

Rev. Kierien Ekpang Ayugha presented the C’Lela New Testament at the 2023 More Than Words Gathering in Washington, D.C. The book was added to the permanent collection of translated Bibles on exhibit in the illumiNations room.

Papua New Guinea Visit 

After a four-hour boat ride, Regional Director Sarah Esala received a walking stick to help her scale a small, steep mountain to reach the Zaka Church Circuit headquarters. The Waria language projects greeted her with a full ceremonial welcome: traditional attire, dance, and music. Hefty travel budgets and timing logistics are challenging, but worth the effort for the joyful commitment of the people.

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