Press Release: December 20, 2023

More Than Words Gathering

Big goals are achieved in the Bible translation movement through prayer; letting God’s guidance and wisdom lead.  The More Than Words Gathering held Oct. 20-21 in Washington, D.C., provided a time for attendees to be refreshed by God’s Word and inspired to advocate for the Bible translation movement.   

Main speakers shared about God’s callings for our lives (Rev. Dr. Jeff Leininger), how we each matter to God (Heather Ruesch), and stewarding His gifts for His glory (brothers Cody Hobelmann and Dr. Kealan Hobelmann).  

Dr. Abdul-Massih Saadi, Rev. Kierien Ayugha, and Rev. Linus Otronyi recounted stories of their involvement in the Bible translation movement. Videos featured the Komba and NOLA language communities.   

Touring the Museum of the Bible with Chief Curator Dr. Jeff Kloha gave attendees a deeper sense of urgency. The illumiNations room brought silence to the group. “It was overwhelming to see blank cases for each of the thousands of languages waiting for God’s Word. It moved me to tears,” shared Alyssa Petty, director for development. 

Times of intentional prayer were woven into the entire gathering, and prayers filled the room as attendees focused on the Waria Multi-Language Translation Program, the Komba Bible Translation, Botswana Language Exploration, and the Southwest Ethiopia Bible Translation Coordination Office. “This event was a blessing in many ways…” expressed Jeremy Pekari. 

Upcoming Gatherings
Jan. 12, 2024
Concordia University Irvine 

Dates Coming Soon  for Concordia, MO, and Chicago, IL, events.
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