Episode 96: Partnerships with the Church | Dr. Nathan Esala and Dr. James Maxey

December 8, 2023

In this episode, Rich and Emily are joined by Dr. James Maxey, Director of Strategic Partnerships for The Seed Company, and Dr. Nathan Esala, formerly Translations Coordinator for Lutheran Bible Translators—who has joined Seed Company as part of the strategic alliance between the two organizations. They discuss the power of partnerships across the Bible translation community.     

We are in a season of collaboration at Lutheran Bible Translators to expand the Bible translation movement. As servants of Christ, we desire unity across the Church to make God’s Word available to all people. During this interview, Maxey and Esala share their eagerness for this new exploration of partnership between the two organizations.    

There are multiple benefits to joining in alliance with each other. Esala highlights Lutheran Bible Translators’s many years of involvement in global communities and the resultant long-standing relationships. The Seed Company offers a fresh take on how to gain awareness for the mission of Bible translation. Specifically, Esala and Maxey are working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea to make Bible translation a focused ministry in the country. Combining our efforts can lead to new accomplishments for God’s Kingdom.   

The connecting power of relationships is emphasized throughout the discussion. Maxey and Esala have a deep connection to Lutheran Bible Translators and to each other. Their entwined relationship throughout the years has motivated them to form this partnership.  

Esala reminds us that one of the functions of Christianity involves building bridges between people of different cultures and experiences. Whether God has led us to foster partnerships in countries like Papua New Guinea or Cameroon, or we are embedded within our own communities in the United States, God desires us to learn continuously more from one another.