LokoLiteracy and Scripture Engagement

Support literacy classes and learning materials for Loko speakers. Community members need further literacy education to access and understand the Loko New Testament.

Scripture Engagement


  • Sierra Leone


  • West Africa

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Literacy Barriers Prevent many from engaging with Scripture

Since the Loko New Testament came out in 1983, it has helped people connect with their faith. But many people still need help reading well enough to understand it independently.

One big step forward has been getting learning centers back up and running. After some visits and talks by the people in charge, 18 literacy classes restarted.

To promote classes, they bought radio time to introduce the programs and play recordings of Scripture songs. Excitement grew, and many wanted to join in on classes and workshops.

These workshops were a big hit, teaching young people and adults how to read and write for the first time. The impact of workshops has led to new learning centers and schools beginning to teach in Loko.

This program ensures everyone, regardless of age or origin, has the chance to learn and grow. Literacy and faith go hand-in-hand to make the community stronger.

Empower local Leaders to Meet the need

We believe that every community should have the opportunity to read the Bible in the language they understand best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Sierra Leone to increase literacy among and bring God’s Word to the Loko-speaking community of West Africa.

Program Goals

  1. Develop and publish teaching materials.
  2. Travel to supervise newly established literacy and FCBH programs twice monthly, while current literacy and FCBH listening programs are supervised once monthly.
  3. Conduct the following workshops: Pre-Primer with 20 participants to establish new literacy classes, Primer two and three workshops with 30 participants for current classes, a writers workshop with 12 participants, and a workshop for advanced learners with seven participants.

The Program Plan

Step 1

Launch and supervise literacy and Scripture engagement initiatives.

Step 2

Develop educational materials and workforce.

Step 3

Enhance community engagement and Scripture interaction.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Loko belongs to the Niger-Congo language family.

Loko is also known as Landogo, and many speakers reside in the northern province: the Bombali district, the Koya, Ribbi, and Bumpe chiefdoms, and the Sanda Loko chiefdom.

Dialects include: Magbiambo, Gbendembu, Ngoahu, Nagbanmba, Sanda, Laia, Libisegahun, Koya, Ribbi, Buya.

Program Progress

The Loko Literacy and Scripture Engagement program is diligently working towards enhancing literacy rates and deepening Scripture engagement within the Loko-speaking community, creating a ripple effect of educational and spiritual growth across generations.

Progress Update

  • Teaching materials for various literacy levels have been successfully developed, with a special focus on cultural relevancy and pedagogical effectiveness.
    • Over 50 literacy primers and supplementary readers have been published, now in active use across multiple learning centers.
    • Customized content reflective of the Loko dialects and traditions is enhancing learners’ experience and retention.
  • Supervisory visits have been regularly conducted to both new and existing literacy and FCBH programs, which has significantly improved program delivery and resource allocation.
    • Newly established literacy programs received bi-monthly supervisory support, resulting in a 40% increase in consistent attendance and learning outcomes.
    • Established programs benefited from monthly visits, leading to a strengthened network of volunteer literacy teachers and community facilitators.
  • A series of educational workshops have been rolled out, establishing foundations for literacy and paving the way for inclusive Scripture engagement within the community.
    • The pre-primer workshop prepared 20 participants to launch new literacy classes, expanding the program’s reach.
    • Primer book 2 and 3 workshops educated 60 learners, advancing their literacy and equipping them with the skills to delve deeper into Scripture.
    • The writers’ workshop cultivated a group of 12 local content creators, injecting local narratives and strengthening cultural ties to literacy.
    • An advanced workshop for developing supplementary reading material brought together seven participants, demonstrating the program’s commitment to supporting continuous educational progression.

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