BokyiLiteracy and Scripture Engagement

The Bokyi speakers of southern Nigeria desire to see their language revived in their communities. Higher literacy rates lead to increased opportunity to engage with God’s Word.

Scripture Engagement


  • Nigeria


  • West Africa

Language Population


ACCESSing Bokyi Scripture has challenges

Bokyi was the second language (after Efik) in the Cross River State, Nigeria, with a full Bible.

Yet, low Bokyi literacy rates keep distance between the language community and God’s Word.

increasing Scripture Access

We partnered with the Bokyi Language Committee in 2012 to encourage literacy and use of the full Bokyi Bible, the audio recording of the New Testament, and the JESUS film.

Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Nigeria to offer literacy education, organize listening and reading groups, and ultimately bring God’s Word to the Bokyi-speaking community of West Africa.

Program Goals

  1. Encourage Bokyi literacy in six (6) communities.
  2. Work with the local Education Authority to revive the teaching of the Bokyi in primary schools.
  3. Support Scripture listening and reading groups: sustain the three existing groups and start 11 more.

Bokyi Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program Plan

Step 1

Expand literacy efforts into six Bokyi-speaking communities.

Step 2

Sustain and launch new listening and reading groups.

Step 3

Increase literacy rates and Scripture engagement for Bokyi speakers.

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Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Bokyi has 12 unique dialects. Alphabetic script is used for writing, which is a unique feature among African languages.

Nigeria is home to 143,700 Bokyi speakers, many of whom are situated in a tropical rainforest in the central Cross River State.

Over 70% of the language community makes their living from subsistence agriculture. Many farm cocoa, yams, cassava, palm oil, plantains, bananas, bush mangos, eruru (forest leaf), timber, and more.

Program Progress

The Bokyi Language Committee continues to interact with the local Education Authority and other stakeholders to see that Bokyi is taught in the primary schools.

  • The Bokyi Language Committee is encouraging the use of Bokyi materials by holding literacy classes in four communities.
  • As of February 2024, four of six language communities have been engaged.

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