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Translation work is coordinated globally to bring God’s Word to three Middle Eastern language groups that has suffered persecution and been displaced around the world..

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Sabelto christians have been displaced around the globe

The Sabelto program’s three distinct language communities have all received the New Testament in the past five years and have initiated a translation of the Old Testament.

Sabelto Christians have suffered persecution over the last two millennia. They have been displaced all over the globe. Their community languages have evolved into unique vernaculars.

Sabelto Christians resettled in refugee camps. They gain hope when they read God’s Word. However, many modern speakers no longer understand older versions of Scripture.

When the three language communities have the Old Testament in their language, pastors will be equipped to lead worship and Bible studies without linguistic explanation. The full Bible will strengthen believers in the church and serve as a foundation for outreach.

reconnecT Communities Through God’s Word

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best. Your financial gifts and prayers help translation teams bring the Bible to three distinct Middle Eastern language communities.

Program Goals

  1. Continue to draft books of the Old Testament.
  2. Complete the revision of previously drafted books.

Program Plan

Step 1

Draft Old Testament books.

Step 2

Complete revision of previously drafted books.

Step 3

Publish the full Bible for three persecuted and displaced people groups.

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Program Progress

With the New Testament circulating, the language community desires the full Scripture.

  • Completed checking the books of Daniel, Joel, and Matthew with Mor Gabriel Monastery.
  • Continued the process of layout and print of the Sabro Children Bible.
  • Mid-revision of Genesis with global partners.

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