Episode 28: Faith and Heritage

April 30, 2021

Rob Hilbert is the Executive Director of Aramaic Bible Translation and missionary with Lutheran Bible Translators. He previously served as a missionary with LBT in Sierra Leone and Botswana.

“It was the language that Jesus spoke in and would have communicated in. So, it has been around for a long time. The [Aramaic] languages we currently work in are descendants of that language.” – Rob Hilbert

Essentially Translatable: Easter People

Essentially Translatable: Easter People

Episode 26: Easter PeopleApril 2, 2021Listen in to stories of Easter from around the world. Laugh, ponder, and rejoice! “We’re celebrating, we’re remembering that again – that day. But on the other hand, there’s not a day that has gone by since that first Easter day...