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Empower Liberian language literacy and cultural heritage through education, Bible translation, and media.

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LIBTRALO continues to expand Its Reach

The Liberia Translation and Literacy Organization (LIBTRALO) was established to support Bible translation, literacy, Scripture use, and multilingual education programs for language communities. The development of Scripture audio dramas has expanded LIBTRALO’s reach. Audio dramas introduce non-Christians to Biblical stories and principles, raising interest in learning more about Jesus Christ. 

All LIBTRALO staff members believe that a people’s language, culture, and faith are crucial for growth and development. As a not-for-profit organization, they rely on support from donors to fund salaries, training, equipment, vehicle operation and travel expenses. 

Help LIBTRALO Keep momentum Going

We believe that every community should have the opportunity to read the Bible in the language they understand best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers equip leaders in Liberia to expand in-person and broadcast literacy training, and ultimately bring God’s Word to all people.

A fully-funded LIBTRALO can help the people of Liberia be proud of their languages and use Scripture to enhance their faith, life, and culture.

Program Goals

  1. Develop teaching and reading materials for literacy classes for seven language groups.
  2. Conduct training and refresher workshops for 55 facilitators.
  3. Compile materials for and conduct a translation and reviewers workshop.
  4. Record and edit Liberia Language Tutorial by Radio excerpts. All 16 language personnel record at the head office. In consult with the language personnel, the media coordinator edits and sends audio clips to the radio stations for broadcast.

Liberia Translation and Literacy Organization Program Plan

Step 1

Enhance literacy rates and facilitate learning in local languages.

Step 2

Produce linguistically and culturally relevant materials for education and Scripture engagement.

Step 3

Promote language education through accessible media and to foster a cultural connection through language.

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Program Progress

Language Literacy and Education

Establishment of Literacy Classes: Literacy classes have been successfully established in various communities, focusing on the targeted languages. These classes are facilitated by local instructors and begin with devotion, as planned, indicating adherence to the cultural context of the learners.

Here are several examples of the 25+ literacy classes now established:

  • Mende Town (Kpelle): The class centered in Mende Town has 18 learners (6 males, 12 females), which demonstrates engagement at a community level. The Primer level being taught is “Kpelle Alphabet – Lesson 3/Bible Reading,” and there were 17 learners who completed the previous level, indicating progression.
  • Sasstown (Gola): A total of 29 learners (12 males, 17 females) are at Primer 1 (Lessons 10-11), with 11 having completed the last level.
  • Baanla Town: Here, 15 learners are enrolled, and the instruction includes Primer lesson 1 covering consonants, vowels, clusters, and tones. 37 learners have completed the previous level, showcasing substantial progression.

Materials Development and Distribution: Alphabet charts, diglot booklets, number cards, and other reading materials have been developed, printed, and distributed to all literacy projects, denoting progress in the curriculum development sub-step.

Engagement and Continuity: Enrollment numbers are documented across various communities, showing ongoing classes and levels of literacy being taught, like alphabet lessons and Bible reading, suggesting continuous engagement with the communities.

Translation Programs

LIBTRALO and Lutheran Bible Translators work with the Bible Society of Liberia for the translation projects in at least four of the languages mentioned for literacy (Bassa, Bandi, Dan, Gola, Grebo, Maan, Kpelle).

Media Outreach and Program Broadcasting

Radio Program Implementation: The Liberia Language Tutorial by Radio program has been developed and broadcasted, although there have been noted issues with the regularity of airing due to station commitment levels. 

  • “LIBERIA LANGUAGE TUTORIAL BY RADIO” on Truth FM 96.1 & Methodist Radio (ELUM) 98.7.
  • “LIBERIA LANGUAGE & CULTURES OUTLOOK” on Radio Advent 93.7. Despite delays in airing on Truth FM in Q2 and Q3, there has been progress in recording, editing, and presenting these programs.

Scripture Audio Drama Production: Portions of the Dan Scripture Audio Drama have been successfully recorded and are currently in the final stages of editing. Preparations are underway to facilitate the launch and distribution phase, which will enable the communities to access these enriched biblical stories via portable SD cards.

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