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Bring the full Bible to Dhirayta speakers—support their journey of faith through translation.

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Dhirayta speakers desire the full Bible

The Dhirayta Old Testament Translation program builds upon the successful completion of the New Testament, bringing the complete Bible to Ethiopia’s Dhirayta-speaking community. Since 2003, this initiative has made significant strides, releasing trial prints of foundational books—Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah—while actively continuing translation efforts to encapsulate the complete narrative of God’s covenant with humanity.

As the New Testament is printed and distributed, the focus intensifies on delivering the Old Testament, ensuring the Dhirayta language community has access to the entirety of Scripture in the language they understand best.

Empower local leaders

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers enable us to equip leaders in Ethiopia to translate the full Bible into the Dhirayta language.

This endeavor not only preserves linguistic heritage but also promises to enrich faith and understanding by unveiling God’s timeless story in the most personal of terms.

Program Goals

  1. Give the community and its ministers access to God’s Word in accessible form.
  2. Enable and receive vital community feedback to the initial translation.

Dhirayta Old Testament Translation Program Plan

Step 1

Local translators draft the Old Testament into Dhirayta, ensuring the text is understandable and culturally resonant.

Step 2

Drafts undergo thorough review by church leaders, language experts, and community members to validate accuracy and clarity, incorporating feedback for refinement.

Step 3

The approved Scripture draft is prepared for consultant checking, final revisions are made, and then the text is printed and distributed among the Dhirayta language community.

Meet the Local Team

team members

Official Partner: Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY)

Rev. Dr. Lalissa Solomon | Rev. Yohannes |
Rev. Amesgnew | Rev. Getachew

4 parish leaders | 15 reviewers | 7 people on the language development committee | 3 translators

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

The people group is called Dirasha.
Dhirayta is spoken in the Segen zone, Dirashe district, and the Gidole town area in hills south and west of Lake Chamo.
Kusumitta is the main dialect.

Program Progress

The Dhirayta community is witnessing the unfolding of Scripture in their heart language, as diligent translation efforts make the Old Testament more accessible and meaningful to their faith.

  • Drafting of 1 Samuel (1-10), 1 Chronicles (1-12), and Ezra (1-5) is complete.
  • Team checks have been finalized for 1 Chronicles and Ezra.
  • Review checking and back translation for 1 Chronicles (1-12) finished, prepped for consultant review.

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