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Ignite hearts with God’s Word – help the EECMY bring the Bible to all in Ethiopia’s many and diverse languages.

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Growing need for Ministry Coordination

Riding the wave of its remarkable expansion, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) attributes its success to a focused commitment to Bible translation—bringing God’s Word to countless individuals in their native languages, and, in turn, fostering deeper faith and engagement within the church community.

Embracing a future-forward outlook, the EECMY has crafted a 10-year strategic vision that weaves together Bible translation, evangelical outreach, and discipleship. As the EECMY envisions touching more lives across Ethiopia’s diverse landscape, there is a recognition of the pressing need for enhanced coordination and resource allocation—training supervisors, provisioning modern workspaces, equipping translators with essential technology, and ensuring mobility with dependable transportation.

Equip Leaders in Ethiopia

Your financial gifts and prayers support the leaders of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, as they bring God’s Word to the language communities of their country.

Anchored by a translation coordination hub in Addis Ababa, the EECMY is poised to broaden the reach of Scripture, making the Word of God accessible for Ethiopia’s diverse language groups.

Program Goals

  1. Strengthen field operations: Enhance impact through frequent travel to project sites for comprehensive evaluation, monitoring, and supervision, ensuring projects meet milestones with excellence.
  2. Cultivate translation excellence: Convene translators annually for a strategic conference to foster knowledge exchange, celebrate progress, refine skills, and build a cohesive community dedicated to Bible translation.
  3. Maximize Scripture engagement: Assess and reinforce the active use of translated Scripture across communities, encouraging them to allow the Bible to permeate daily life and spiritual practice.

EECMY Program Plan

Step 1

Conduct site visits: Schedule and perform evaluations of translation projects to ensure alignment with mission goals and address on-site challenges.

Step 2

 Build Capacity: Host skill-enhancement conferences and foster alliances with advisors to improve translation quality and project effectiveness.

Step 3

Enhance engagement: Launch initiatives to integrate Scriptures into community life and gather feedback to optimize language-specific engagement.

Meet the Local Team

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

Efforts are underway to share the light of Scripture with Ethiopia’s diverse communities in their heart languages. These initiatives empower individuals with access to translated Bibles, fostering spiritual growth and interconnectedness within communities.

  • Successfully conducted on-site evaluations for the Zayse and Dhirayta Bible translation programs, affirming their alignment with strategic goals.
  • Launched the Scripture engagement initiative, integrating Bible use in daily community practices, with positive feedback from participants.
  • Secured a generous donation of 15,000.00 birr (270 USD) towards translators’ capacity building after a dedicated awareness creation session.
  • Hosted a skill-enhancement conference for translators, improving project quality and translator proficiency.

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