BiblePrinting and Distribution

Ensure Field Programs can handle reprinting or unexpected requests that occur outside of budgeted grant requests. Requests may result from translations ahead of schedule.

Bible Translation


  • Worldwide

The need for physical bibles

48 New Testaments and full Bibles have been translated our ministry, which directly impact 15 million people worldwide. Translation is the first step, but the ultimate goal is to see people engage with God’s Word.

In many communities, every printed Bible has been purchased. “People are willing to buy even a tattered, termite-damaged copy, if one can be found,” observed a Lutheran Bible Translators’ missionary.

Everyone deserves access to God’s Word.

help meet the demand for Scripture

Your financial gifts and prayers for this program ensure that we can handle various requests that may emerge unexpectedly throughout the year.

Program Goals

  1. Print newly completed Bible translations and reprint translated Scriptures as needed.
  2. Provide people with uninterrupted access to God’s Word in printed format.

Bible Printing and Distribution Program Plan

Step 1

Review requests from the field

Step 2

Allocate necessary funds to programs

Step 3

Meet the demand every community has for the Bible.

Partner Organizations

Program Progress

The Dhirayta New Testament printing in 2023 was directly funded by this program.

You have funded printing for the Khwedam, Komba, Shekgalagari, Yala, Gokana, Mende, Maan, Dan, Qale, and Konso languages.

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