Bible Society of Sierra LeoneConference and Training

Support a Sierra Leonean leader’s travel for training in Scripture engagement, connecting their community to new insights.

Capacity Building


  • Sierra Leone


  • West Africa

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training improves translation

The conference facilitates sharing among participants on Scripture engagement experiences, skills, and strategies. Participants bring the knowledge they gain back to others in their society or organization. It enhances staff capacity for effective ministry work in their various settings.

Your gifts help fund the airfare to and from Kenya, transportation (taxis, boats, etc), accommodation, and fees for the 10-day conference.

Empower A Local Leader

We believe that every community should have the chance to read the Bible in the language they know best, led by people they trust and respect. Your financial gifts and prayers enable us to help a leader in Sierra Leone bring God’s Word into the many languages of their people.

Program Goals

  1. Elevate expertise in Scripture engagement: comprehensive training enhances leader’s ability to effectively communicate Scripture truths within the cultural context of Sierra Leone.
  2. Strengthen community transformation: provide the tools and knowledge necessary to promote hope, life, and transformation.
  3. Expand impact through collaborative learning: participants exchange knowledge, enabling participants to share their experience with peers at home, multiplying the impact of initiatives across Sierra Leone.

Bible Society of Sierra Leone Conference and Training Program Plan

Step 1

Sierra Leoneans continue to work on Scripture translations.

Step 2

Vital training, provided at the Kenyan conference, can lead to translation success.

Step 3

Hope, life, and transformation through Scripture will continue to reach Sierra Leoneans

Partner Organizations

Honoring the Language

Sierra Leone’s total population is 8,141,000.
Christianity is a minority religion among its 28+ unique people groups

Program Progress

The conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya in February of 2024. It drew participants from various organizations across various countries and organizations in order to gain expertise for sustainable Scripture engagement activities.

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