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Faith comes by hearing…

Join with our international associate, Lutheran pastor Rev. Linus Otronyi, in reaching the people of the Ogoja area of his country, Nigeria. Rev. Linus is developing a network of listening groups for the newly translated and recorded New Testament in the local languages.

Every donation of $30 buys one Megavoice® Scripture player to be distributed to the community for listening groups. Rev. Linus hope to start 100 listening groups in early 2017.

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Ogoja is a Local Government Area in Cross River State of Nigeria. It has an area of 375 mi² and a population of 171,901 at the 2006 census. Cross River State shares a border with Cameroon. There are scores of distinct languages in this state alone. Nigeria is one of the handful of countries in the world with hundreds of language communities still without God’s Word in the language they speak best – their own.  

ogojaOgoja is located in the northwest portion of the Cross River State, on the eastern boarder of Nigeria.

For over five years Rev. Linus Otronyi has been instrumental to bring people together on the ground to make God’s Word available and accessible to ordinary men, women and children. The Gospel of Luke (at least) is now available in each of six languages in that area. The Jesus Film, a visual depiction of much of Luke’s Gospel, is available to these communities with voices delivered in their own languages by native speakers. In addition to print and video, Rev. Linus is now promoting “listening groups” among people in the area.

Audio format scripture has had a proven impact. Read this story in our blog about audio scripture among the Vai people of Liberia.


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