Komba Translation (Ghana)

The Komba translation project is located in a small village in northern Ghana. There are between 125,000 and 250,000 Komba speakers, most scattered throughout northeast Ghana and some in Togo.


Participating Agencies include the Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project (KOLIBITRAP), Gbintiri, Ghana; the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG) in cooperation with Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT), Aurora, Illinois, USA; and the Bible Society of Ghana (BS-G) in cooperation with the United Bible Societies.

The primary responsibility for the project belongs to The Komba Literacy and Bible Translation Project’s Translation Committee. The committee is composed of at least one member of the following churches: Assemblies of God, Catholic, Church of Pentecost, Baptist, Fountain Gate and Lutheran. Efforts are being made to also have a geographic distribution and major clan line distribution among the members.


  1. for the New Testament dedication scheduled for November 2014
  2. for distribution, Scripture engagement, and literacy efforts
  3. for the next phase of translation—the Old Testament
  4. for unity among participating organizations

BUDGET: Funds are still needed for the final stages of getting God’s Word into their hands.

  • Printing Costs 100% 100%
  • N.T. Dedication 100% 100%
  • Phase II 25% 25%

Komba Translation (Ghana)


  • Translation—putting the New Testament and trial portions of the Old Testament into the Komba language using print and non print media.
  • Scripture Engagement—encouraging use of the Komba Scriptures in church and community life.
  • Literacy—developing a program and literacy materials concurrent with the translation.

Komba: To Build a Bible

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