Press Release: December 14, 2021

Straight to the Heart

Straight to the Heart

Christmas 2021

The Shekgalagari Scripture app captivates listeners.
Translators Pontsho Mosweu and Tshwari Tjetjoo struggled at times within the Shekgalagari New Testament program in Botswana. The Shekgalagari language had not been written down. They wrestled with questions like, “How do we write our language? How will we read it?”

Developing an orthography (writing system) is a challenge. Modifications needed to be made based on community feedback. But it was worth it. Seeing their language written was exciting – a dream fulfilled. Pontsho and other team members laughed in joy when a listener exclaimed, “I didn’t even know Shekgalagari could be used for the Bible!”

Another time, Tshwari and the team shared a passage from Revelation for review with pastors, church leaders and community members. Some had learned the Bible through other languages – Setswana or English. The pastors often translated the foreign text into Shekgalagari for their congregations. But hearing and reading the text straight from Shekgalagari was a new experience. One pastor said, “It’s like the spirit has taken it straight to my heart. It’s more understandable to read it in my own language even though I thought it was understandable in English and Setswana.” Tshwari agreed.

The COVID pandemic produced challenges and delayed the publication of the New Testament. But that has not dampened the excitement Pontsho and Tshwari have towards the upcoming dedication of the Shekgalagari New Testament. They anticipate the joy of seeing huge crowds of people gathering to celebrate God’s Word in their language – straight to their hearts.

Join the translation team in praying that God’s Word will soon be in the hands of Shekgalagari speakers in Botswana.

Your partnership makes this goal a reality. Put God’s Word in the hands of the Shekgalagari people.

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