Pray for:

1. Botswana

Pray for the Shekgalagari team as they work on the final stages to publish the New Testament.

2. Cameroon

Praise God for the community engagement for the Subula* translation and literacy program.

3. Ethiopia

Pray for the final stages of construction for the Bible Translation Training Building on the Mekane Yesus Seminary campus.

4. Liberia

Pray for the distribution of Old Testament books to Bandi speakers to be used by congregations.

5. Nigeria

Pray for blessings upon Rev. Linus Otronyi and Rev. Kierien Ayugha as they serve with several language communities in the Ogoja and Obudu regions.

6. Papua New Guinea

Pray for wisdom and perseverance as Mandita and Margret encourage Ipili people to use God’s Word in their own language.

7. Sierra Leone

Pray for health and safety for the Mende translators as they continue in their steadfast commitment to the project.

8. Southeast Asia

Pray that God will continue to strengthen believers as they receive Scripture Engagement materials.

9. Tanzania

Pray that God will bless the Kerewe team with understanding as they receive training in translation principles.

10. Togo

Pray that the Fakki are bold to learn to read and write their language.

11. United States

Pray that listeners will be enriched by the Living Water project.

12. Worldwide

Praise God for the 500th anniversary celebration of Martin Luther’s New Testament into German.

Pray for safety for Aramaic speakers still in danger from the violence of war and the prejudice of their fellow countrymen.

*Note: Specific details were intentionally omitted or changed to protect the affected language community.



Melissa Schweigert

Isaac Esala*

Judah Grulke*

Paul Federwitz

Joan Weber

Serena Derricks

Josiah Wagner

Josh Wagner

Alyssa Petty

Kathy Knipmeyer


Eliot Esala*

Karen Tessaro

Josephine Derricks*

Alvina Federwitz

Michael Ersland

Tiffany Smith

David Federwitz

Alexis Olson

Deanne Gochanour

Aaron Beckendorf*

Micah Federwitz*

*missionary kid


Susan Kaiser

JoyAnna Federwitz*

Gideon Kuhn*

Michael Megahan

Rhoda Houge

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