Signs of Faith

It happened every year on the morning of Ash Wednesday. Someone would stop a former co-worker from my former job to point out, “You have something on your forehead.” And he would explain that he had just come from church. Not everyone got it. There would be blank...

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A World of Possibilities

Pluto was discovered. Huckleberry Finn was published. Snow fell in the Sahara Desert. Throughout history, hundreds of things happened on February 18. How do I know? One click of the mouse gives me access to countless online resources that can lead me to countless...

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Faith Beyond Sight

Lutheran Bible Translators has remained a trusted organization in Bible translation ministry for nearly 60 years. The Lord has sent Lutheran Bible Translators to the least-served language communities on the globe. This happens because of faithful prayer,...

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Troubled Waters

Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) was once located in Aurora, Illinois, near the Fox River. Several years ago, one of the bridges spanning the Fox near Aurora’s downtown area was closed for repair for several months. People had to find alternate routes to get across...

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The Light of Life

Were you ever afraid of the dark? Maybe it still makes you nervous when the lights go out, especially if you’re all alone. Of course, it isn’t the dark itself that we fear. It’s the inability to see what might be hidden in the dark that makes us anxious. The Mende...

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