Lasting Impressions

On November 19,1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that came to be known as the Gettysburg Address. He spoke for only a few minutes, yet his words have gone down in history. Lincoln was not the main speaker of the day. Edward Everett, a famous lecturer and...

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Small Packages

During the early part of the 20th century, as a challenge to himself, Godfrey Lundberg manually engraved the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin. He wasn’t the first to do so, nor the last. Still, it was a remarkable achievement for the time, taking two years to...

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The Most Meaningful Things

O Little Town of Bethlehem is one of the best known and beloved of all Christmas carols. It depicts Christ’s birth occurring on a quiet peaceful night, going almost unnoticed. The Savior of the world arrives and only a few shepherds are aware that the Holy Child has...

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This One Book

As citizens of the 21st century, we may have lost perspective on just how momentous the Protestant Reformation was. It influenced the balance of political power, changed the map of Europe, and inspired and shaped the formation of the New World. First and foremost, of...

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Oji ocha yi ukpotu yi wo ma?

A Yala speaking pastor in Nigeria is seeing the effect of using mother tongue Scripture in his church. “We read John 3:16 in Yala,” he explained. An elderly woman asked if he would please read it again. After the second reading the woman said, “This is the first time...

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