Thank You X 10

In 2005, a Dan speaker in Liberia began praying for the resumption of the Dan translation project. It was interrupted by the civil wars that had devastated the country for almost 14 years. The New Testament translation that had been completed in 1981 was out of print....

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True Freedom

Have you ever noticed how much our lives here in the U.S. revolve around celebrations? It seems like every other day is notable for something – Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Administrative Professional Day. Then there are the personal landmarks, like birthdays,...

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July 2019

Pray for CMI session leaders as they make their final preparations for the upcoming conference being held in Concordia, MO. Pray for the African Lutheran Mission Conference July 2-5 in Abuja, Nigeria. Pray for good turn outs, funding, and good discussions. Pray for...

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“It’s romantic to think of teams working in difficult conditions to translate the Bible, but that only focuses on a process leading to a product. It does not provide an ongoing ability for the churches in a language community to carry or further translation work, not...

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The Bees of God?

It’s happened to many of us: Undeliverable. Your email didn’t go through. Why? It could be a matter of just one letter or symbol being incorrect.  One mistake prevented your message from being received. Consider the consequences of such an error in Bible translation. ...

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Adding it Up

Faith Lutheran Church in Bridgeport, Michigan, is one of many congregations that touches the world through Lutheran Bible Translators. Faith’s members bonded with missionaries Jim and Susan Kaiser in the 1980s through a connection at a district convention. The Kaisers...

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