Press Release: June 1, 2020

Following the Cause

Following the Cause

Spring 2020

Pastor Mathlhaope understands the impact of Scripture in his native Skekgalagari language. “Oboletswe Matlhaope has a PhD in New Testament theology,” Rev. Carl Grulke shared. “He’s studied the Bible his whole life. He knows Greek and Hebrew and has two degrees in theology. But when he heard the Bible in his own language for the first time, tears welled up in his eyes. He was thrilled to hear it! He insisted on being involved in the translation project moving forward.” Rev. Grulke and his wife, Kelsey, are missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators. They recently met Pastor Matlhaope in Botswana, southern Africa, where they are bringing the Word of God to life for those who speak Shekgalagari. “Moments like these are the reason we serve in Bible translation,” says Kelsey. “Pastor Matlhaope got very quiet – was moved to tears – when I played the audio recording from the Shekgalagari New Testament for him. The words of Scripture come alive in a new and amazing way when they are in the language of the heart, even for someone who knows the text. Hearing the Bible in your language makes it an entirely different experience.” This is the heart of Lutheran Bible Translators’ ministry – putting God’s Word in their hands. And this is the impact of mother tongue Scripture. It is a cause people want to support – and want to follow. It energizes people and drives them to action. Pastor Matlhaope is now one of the reviewers for the Shekgalagari New Testament project. Praise God for these words in his own language and the impact they have had on him! Go to to learn more.Reported by Lutheran Bible Translators staff Dr. Jim Kaiser in Ethiopia & Rev. Berhanu Ofgoa, Director of Ethiopia ProgramRead NowWorking with the Lutheran Women’s Missionary LeagueRead NowRead NowDedications of lectionary series om Vute & Kwanja-Ndung languages in Camerron West AfricaRead NowRead NowBlog Articles   Go Now

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