Press Release: June 1, 2020

Financials Prayers & Birthdays

Financials, Prayers & Birthdays

Spring 2020

Pray for:

> Give praise for the passion and energy of the Wayeyi Advisory Council promoting the Wayeyi Bible translation effort.

> Pray for the students enrolled in the 6-week summer course at Mekane Yesus Seminary and the 15 who will be recruited to begin the official Bible translation course. > Pray for peace and unity among the Konso people.

> Pray that the Komba people will continue to look to God’s Word to guide their daily lives.

> Pray for the Bible Society in Liberia working to assemble and train the Bandi Old Testament translation team.
> Pray that funding will be available to expand Dan literacy programs.

Sierra Leone
> Praise God that the Mende translation has progressed so far and so well. > Praise God that completed Old Testament portions are being well received by Themne churches and communities.

> Pray the Holy Spirit will call more Kerewe people to faith and worship attendance in churches will grow.

> Pray that the translated Scriptures bring hope and comfort to Aramaic speakers scattered across the world.
> Pray for safety for those still in danger from the violence of war and the prejudice of their fellow countrymen.

United States
> Praise God for the 47 years Alvina Federwitz has served with Lutheran Bible Translators. Pray that her work will continue to be fruitful and a blessing to all she encounters.
> Praise the Lord for Emily Wilson and her dedication to share Lutheran Bible Translators’ mission with those she encounters.
> Praise God for Michael and JoAnn Megahan’s 16 years of service with Lutheran Bible Translators. Pray that their ministry will continue to be a blessing to them and all they encounter.
> Pray for Angela Tayloe as she continues to manage the finance department of Lutheran Bible Translators.
> Praise the Lord for the 41 years Mike Rodewald has served with Lutheran Bible Translators. Pray for continued blessings and growth throughout his ministry.

Eshinee Veith
Claude Hogue
Audrey Grulke*
Elijah Wagner*
Joshua Rudowske*
Jo Ann Megahan
Chris Pluger

Mary Holman
Aili Esala*
Jim Kaiser
Isaiah Wagner*
Joshua DeLoach*
Vanice Schultz
Nathan Esala
Josiah Federwitz*
Stephanie Luetjen
Andrew Beckendorf*
Jeannie Peterson

*missionary kid

Valerie Federwitz
Tim Miller
Kara Kuhn
Ruthie Wagner
Rachel Federwitz*
Rich Rudowske
Amy Gerdts
Katie Hogan
Mariah Olson*

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