Press Release: June 22, 2021

Committed to God’s Mission

LBT’s Jim Laesch visited the Bible Society of Botswana earlier this month.

I had a difficult time writing this week’s blog post. I had lots of ideas, too many ideas, and I couldn’t seem to finish any of the articles I started. In a different context and situation, you might say I have commitment issues—unable to finish a project, difficulty making decisions…

Lack of commitment is one thing I definitely do not see in when it comes to Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT). From donors to office staff to translation teams and partners on the mission field, everyone is diligently playing their part in bringing God’s Word to people in a language they can understand. Perhaps that’s why I found it so difficult to focus on just one thing this week. New missionaries preparing for their assignments? Missionaries returning to the field after COVID? Field directors finally able to visit projects overseas? Office staff planning for Bible Translation Sunday, Giving Tuesday and other events? How about milestones in translation projects? A growth in literacy projects? And faithful financial partners making it all possible? There is certainly no lack of information to share.

Over 50 years ago a small group of men and women committed to building a Bible translation organization that would put Scripture in the hands of people who had never before had access to it in their own languages. Today, thousands of people—like you—remain committed to God’s mission through Lutheran Bible Translators. Just take a look at LBT’s Programs page to see the breadth and scope of the work you help promote.

Thank you for everything you do to put God’s Word in the hands of people waiting to receive Scripture in a language they understand. Every new missionary, every overseas visit, every project milestone, is made possible through your prayers and gifts. Be sure to check for updates on Facebook, read The Messenger, LBT’s quarterly newsletter, and continue to pray for the projects and people you help support. Your partnership is vital, and much appreciated!

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