Press Release: October 5, 2011

Why literacy is important to the Vai

As you are probably aware, literacy programs are a big part of LBT’s work around the world.  The main goal is that people will be able to understand God’s Word in their own language.  Of course, literacy work benefits people in other ways as well. We recently received a report from the Vai Language Association of Liberia, telling the story of one of the side effects of their literacy work:

“The Vai Association prepared an agriculture materials book about how to grow peppers. Only a few people obtained copies of this book and put the methods read in the book to use.  One of those men was Jima Sambola of Booma Town.  He prepared two large pepper farms in his town following the instructions in this book.  Out of these farms, he was blessed to cultivate a little over 21 bags of peppers.  He sold them and was able to generate funds that enable him to buy a used car.  Presently, he’s running the car to support his family and still doing his pepper business. We are happy to see that the Vai program is helping people in many ways.”

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