Press Release: September 14, 2011

Worth reading

The Wayeyi Bible Translation Project of Botswana is in its very early stages.  A language committee is in the process of forming and will soon begin hiring employees.

Eshinee Veith is the LBT missionary serving as the translation advisor to the project.  She recently interviewed her Shiyeyi Language teacher.   (Shiyeyi is the language spoken by the Wayeyi people).

Watch this brief ‘Worth Reading’ video as Bahiti Nxaangu explains, in English, why this translation is so important to him personally and to the Wayeyi people group.  You may need to watch it once to learn to understand Mr. Nxaangu’s accent and a second time to catch the entire meaning. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE Mr. Nxaangu and the rest of the Wayeyi team, post in the comments here on the LBT blog, and we will make sure that your message gets through.

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