Press Release: October 26, 2011

Story of the week – Letter of appreciation

The following note was written by one of our recent International Scholarship graduates.  It is written in Nigerian English, which you will note is not exactly the same as North American English.  You should have no trouble understanding it. The writer is Rev. Sixtus Obok, an Ukele pastor serving with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, who just earned his BA in Linguistics and Bible Translation.


I am grateful to God and the LBT, for the good scholarship support granted me to undertake a Bachelor of Arts, Linguistic and Bible Translation at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Jos.

Your scholarship effort went a long way in enabling us as a church and as well as Ukele to achieve our dreams.

Therefore, on behalf of my family, Kukele Language Project and the entire Lutheran Church [of Nigeria], I write to thank you immensely for the role you played.

I count it a great privilege for me to be counted among people who work in providing God’s words for people in their own mother tongues.  This marks the beginning of the most significant period in the lives of Ukele people as they are now working to see complete Bible in her own God’s given language (Kukele).

It is my prayer that we join together in praying for increased zeal to be about our Heavenly Father’s works of saving endangered languages in Africa.

Once again, I thank you for encouraging one another to show forth the glory of Him who has called us out of our darkness into His marvelous light.

Your partnership in capacity building is a source of joy and encouragement to my pastoral ministry in Nigeria.

What a great Bible Translation Agency you are that individuals and congregations so generously respond to the training of the nationals in the ministry of Bible Translation and Language development in Nigeria.  Thank you for your scholarships and the love of God which prompted you to give so generous.

I thank you for considering me valuable to you and to the Lord.  For caring about helping me grow, investing your time and resources in developing me as a whole person in Christ.

I specially acknowledge your representative, the Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro who always stand by my side.

I say a very big, THANK YOU.

Rev. Sixtus and Mrs. Eke Obok.

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