Press Release: August 17, 2015

Relocation – Time Flies

Relocation_-_Dunsey_v01_WP_ratioTwo weeks to go before the end of the month!  Time is going fast.  Though much has been tossed, the office in Aurora still has a lot of furniture and equipment to be sorted.  Things that are being moved to Concordia have been jdunseymoveboxed or have tags identifying what space they will be occupying at the new office.  Everything without tags will be sold or given to local churches and ministries that can make use of them. It’s like cleaning out your attic after 30 years of accumulation.  Lots of memories.  Lots of stuff you wonder why you kept.

A leak was discovered in the roof of the Concordia building that has to be fixed before the drywall and painting can be completed.  Because of this we have delayed the moving truck until the first week of September.  We hope moving, unloading and hooking up equipment will take no longer than four days.

We continue to ask for God’s blessings not only for the moving of equipment and furniture but, most importantly, for the people affected by the relocation.  Staff who will not be going, staff who will be going, our partners who will feel some of the disruptions due to delayed responses and mailings.

Of course, foremost in our thoughts are God’s people waiting for His Word in the language of their hearts.  We eagerly look forward to continuing LBT’s Bible translation ministry from Concordia.

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