Press Release: August 10, 2015

Relocation – Meanwhile…

Relocation_-_Rudowske_v01_WP_ratioIt’s not about us. While we continue to pack up and plan for the office relocation, I think it is helpful perspective to remember that LBT is not a place or an office building in the USA, it’s a group of people working around the world to help make God’s word accessible in the heart language. And it is a thrill to be part of God’s mission in the places we are working.

How’s it going at LBT? For me, the best answer to that question is to see what is happening where our missionaries are working around the world.

  • The Kgalagari people of Botswana are about to receive their first printed gospel of Luke this week.
  • The churches of the ‘Khon’ people of several southeast Asian countries are reporting deepening growth and miraculous healing as mother tongue scriptures are being taught in the traditional story genre.
  • We are sponsoring six national coworkers and an LBT intern to attend translation training in Zambia this fall, and the Nsenga team in Zambia has sent their New Testament manuscript for typesetting.
  • The Kisi Bible was dedicated in Liberia and Minnesota after 40 years of work interrupted by two civil wars, and recently by the Ebola evacuations.
  • Partners in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Botswana are inviting us to join with them in translation work that would impact twenty more language groups.

The move of our office is an important step for the organization. But, the important work, the purpose we exist, is happening in these places and many others around the world. God’s Word for Every Language. It’s as compelling to me as it was the first time I heard about LBT 13 years ago. Thanks for your continued partnership in the Gospel to help make God’s Word accessible to those who do not yet have it in the heart language.

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